Experiences vary with each client. But here are just a few comments on how the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program ™ has affected their lives.  In general, client’s notice improvement in reading and focusing. Those who engage in a Math program find the program “fills in the blanks”.  A general feeling of "well being" is a common result and understanding of how they think.

 “When I took the Dyslexia program, I found a fun and easy way to fix my reading problem. I always wanted to read books and now I can.”

Brittany’s Mom:
"As a parent, it is heartbreaking to see your child struggle and become so frustrated because they can’t read or write like their classmates. After our experience at the Dyslexia Centre, our daughter’s confidence has blossomed and she is reading with enjoyment for the first time. She has realized that she has control over her dyslexia instead of the dyslexia controlling her.”

“The program was fun. It helped me to read better and now I am going into grade 6. I feel confident that I will do well. I love math.”

Gareth’s Mom:
“This program helped Gareth to see the strength of his gifts and give him the tools to help him. He thoroughly enjoyed the week and as a result, his reading is improving.”

“When I went for my program, I felt that everyone knew where I was at. It was great to have a week where they focused on me and how I learn. I really like the claying.”

Denia’s Mom:
“After years of struggling through different reading programs with our child, we have finally found something that is working. More importantly, she loves it. We were astonished at how elated she was during the week she spent training with Sharon. It was like a great burden had been lifted. Now she can't wait to try the math program.”

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