This facilitator has witnessed for over 10 years the positive impact this program can have on adults and children.  She has witnessed first hand her own child change his life around.  It is the goal for each client to discover and embrace their “Gift of Dyslexia” too.  Programs are portable and can be accomplished in the Waterloo office or closer to your home.  Please contact us for further details.

Sharon Roberts

Licensed Davis Facilitator

Was puzzled why her son struggled so much with school. He seemed bright yet couldn't do things other kids his own age accomplished easily. This launched her search to find a method to make learning easier. As a result she met many other parents who were facing similar problems. It made her question whether all these "learning problems" were really the result of some sort of brain malfunction or perhaps there was something else involved.

Finally she found the book, "The Gift of Dyslexia". It spoke of the Gift inside, and the reason why this gift could interrupt academic success. "At that time, I was desperate. I had tried a huge array of methods and natural remedies. Some were somewhat successful, yet by the end of the day, we were both overwhelmed with his academic workload. Immediately following a one-week program, that workload decreased significantly because he knew how to fix his "lack of focus". Over time, things became increasingly better and easier for him. He has since enjoyed academic success without the aid of traditional accommodations."

Sharon has been working as a licensed and certified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator for nearly 10 years, with close to 200 clients served within Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas, as well as other parts of Ontario and the Caribbean Islands. Previously, she has worked in the natural health industry and journalism. She is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist , focusing on holistic approaches toward optimum power. In addition is working toward becoming a Registered Nutritional Practitioner. She has seen first hand how these simple methods have a positive influence upon someone's life. It is Sharon's goal that each client discovers their talents and embrace their "Gift of Dyslexia". "Being dyslexic, ADD or ADHD does not mean a life time of medications and remedial reading programs. By tapping into a dyslexics visual spatial strengths and pursuing a healthy lifestyle a person can overcome the drudgery of reading, writing and math."

Sharon Roberts is a licensed and certified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator. She has a degree in History and diploma in Journalism. Sharon has a full time practice in Waterloo, Ontario and has worked successfully with many children and adults across Ontario.

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