The following media presentations are designed to give you insight into how a dyslexic or a learning disabled person may think and why some of the most  “simple” tasks require enormous effort for the dyslexic adult or child. Coming soon will be a video presentation of an young adult talking of their earlier experiences and how life changed for him following a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program ®.

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What's It Like Being Dyslexic?

This animation colorfully illustrates a typical day in the life of a dyslexic child in a clear and somewhat humorous fashion. A child might enjoy viewing this as well.

FAT City: Reading and Decoding

This excerpt shows why someone with visual spatial skills finds confronting symbols such as letters or numerals difficult.  It also allows you to experience what reading may be  like for a dyslexic person.

FAT City: LD Processing

Often students and adults appear as if they are not listening or seem disruptive.  This video shows how the inability to process language can cause such behaviors.

Reading Comprehension: SpEd

A perspective on what an attention span is.

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